The unique location of Olive Villas makes them a perfect choice for those who love activities, tours to historical sites or relaxing holidays with luxury and comforts.

Kamilari (1,5km)

Kamilari is built on the peak of three hills, Goulas, Alevrotas and Evgoras and its population is about 500. It is a quiet, traditional village with a panoramic view at the Messara valley, Psiloritis mountain and the Southern Cretan Sea. The old houses in Kamilari are stone-built, with fine orchards and bougainvillea climbing up the walls. The village is very picturesque and beautiful, with all the features of a typical Cretan village:

a small central square, a church and traditional cafés, with their own color and personality, frequently attended by locals and visitors. You can also find taverns with traditional Cretan food, a market and shops with local products and souvenirs.

Kalamaki (800m)

Very close to the OLIVE villas there is a big sandy beach of Kalamaki, more than 2,5 km long! In Kalamaki you will find cafes and taverns, which, beside excellent drinks and food, offer free umbrellas and sunbeds on the beach.The sea turtles Caretta-Caretta, endangered species, one of the seven kinds of sea turtles which exist on our planet, lay their eggs.

Every year the volunteers of ARCHELON network, coop up the sea turtle’s nests, so that the eggs incubated in the sand are safe from the sun. Please note that the first turtles of 2014 were born on the Kalamaki beach!

Minoan Palace Of Phaestos (4 Km)

Phaestos is the second most important Minoan center in Crete, and every year it welcomes thousands of visitors. The Minoan palace of Phaestos corresponds to the mighty town,

which wasdeveloped in the Messara valley during pre-historic times, i.e. from 6.000 BC up to the 1st century AD, according to archaeological findings.
Commos (4 Km)
The Minoan town Commos is one of the most important archeological sites, after Phaestos, in the territory of Southern Crete. Its beautiful and impressive beach, one of the biggest in Crete,
which stretches from Kalamaki nearly to Matala, is well known among the touists.You will also find the Caretta-Caretta nests on the Commos beach.
Matala (7 Km)
The sandy beach of Matala is fully organized, with sunbeds and umbrellas, showers, cafes, restaurants and a super market. Matala became famous when in 1960s hippies from all over the world arrived there to live in the well-known caves of Matala situated near the beach.
Today the flower children do not live any more in Matala, but they come here to see a legendary place and taste something from the charm of the past.